Asnche Chesed CSA is the result of several longstanding partnerships. We’re run by six member volunteers who manage the logistics and administration. Our food is provided by the Garden of Eve Farm, located on the East End of Long Island. We’ve had a long running relationship with this farm and we’re proud to have been their first New York City CSA. We’re hosted by Ansche Chesed, the Upper West Side synagogue, which has been our drop-off location for over a decade. Most importantly, as a CSA is a cooperative process, we rely on and are tremendously grateful for, our members.

Please reach out and introduce yourself to whoever is managing the CSA and we’ll continue to put the “community” in Community Supported Agriculture.

Janet Scharf, Site Coordinator







Dee Greenwood, Registration/Website









Julia Harrington, Special Programs/Marketing








Maggie Tauranac, Website and Communications








Claudia Chernov, Ansche Chesed/WSCAH Liaison






Lisa Aschkenasy, Volunteer Coordinator