Our Farm

IMG_2287Garden of Eve is a Certified Organic farm run by our farmers, Eve and Chris Kaplan-Walbrecht. The farm is on the East End of Long Island in Riverhead, NY about 80 miles outside of New York City. The farm grows 70 varieties of vegetables, 20 varieties of herbs, IMG_2288and 20 varieties of flowers, enabling Eve and Chris to provide our CSA with consistently shifting boxes of produce.

The farm hosts harvest festivals throughout the year – a Garlic Festival, Oktoberfest, TomatoFest, Pick-Your-Own Days, and more – all of which they encourage their CSA members to visit. Additionally, the farm has an onsite family-owned market offering seasonal produce from the farm, as well as canned goods and locally sourced foods and products from the community.

Chris and Eve are both environmental advocates who, between them, have a history of working in clean water, town planning, and land preservation. Today they continue to get their hands dirty, both on the farm and off. Take a look at some of their press, as well as an interview with Eve written by Maggie Tauranac, one of our core members.

We’re proud to have Eve and Chris as our farmers, and hope you’ll reach out to them and introduce yourselves!