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AnscheChesedCSA_logoCommunity-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership in which urban consumers receive fresh, organic vegetables while sustaining the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA, the farmer pre-sells shares; the money goes to the cost of growing, distributing, and paying the farmer a living wage.

Members of the Ansche Chesed CSA have the option of purchasing vegetable, fruit, egg and fresh flower shares from Garden of Eve — a certified organic farm on the east end of Long Island.  To further education and awareness of food issues, we also organize events and workshops for members throughout the season.

Garden of Eve has been partnering with the Ansche Chesed Synagogue for over 10 years to distribute local produce and build community in the Upper West Side. We were Garden of Eve’s first CSA and the very first Hazon-sponsored CSA in the country!

Please take a moment to learn about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
and to look at our farmer’s site to get info about the farm.

Share List:
November 14th, 2018
Please note that due to fluctuations at the farm our list is not always accurate.

Vegetable Share:

Red and Purple Sweet Salad Turnips
Head Lettuce
Sweet Potatoes
Pie Pumpkin, or “Long Island Cheese” Pumpkin

Fruit Share:

Apples! Granny Smith and/or Pink Lady

Egg Share:


Flower Share: 

Flowers are finished for the season, but we’ll see you next year!

Helpful Tips:
  • Swap Box: If there is a vegetable or fruit you just don’t want, drop it in the swap box and take something you would rather have. Do not take an extra share of something from the tables!
  • Pick up hours are 5:30-7:30 PM at Ansche Chesed. Please do not come early unless you are a volunteer. We need the time to set up signs and supplies. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Don’t forget to bring BAGS! We at Ansche Chesed CSA love our planet, and know you do too.
    1. To get started, go to the Refer a Friend tab on your Harvie Profile here →
    2. Share your customized referral link with friends via email or social media.Need to swap your A or B pickup? See our share swap forum and post your request.

      Latest News from the Farm

      Last week of the CSA! Who can believe it? We never quite can. We hope these vegetables make it onto your family’s Thanksgiving table and your own connection to our farm adds to your own Thanksgiving celebration!

      Summer 2019 Signups are open!

      ‘Tis the season for CSA potlucks! Last weekend we had a great conversation and pot luck dinner with our Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA where we were able to review the 2018 growing season and eat some delicious dishes made from the CSA share. Thanks so much to all of our great members for your support. So fun for us to touch base in person with everyone who works so hard to make things go smoothly all season.

      We wanted to share some of the things we discussed so all members can understand how the growing season affects what is in the CSA share on a weekly basis.

      The past 2 weeks on the farm have been a mad rush to get root crops out of the field before the first frost. When the soil gets cold and wet it is very difficult to remove them from the ground. Hands get cold, mud sticks to them and sweet potatoes will rot.  We spent the whole season caring for them from the May planting date to where they are stored now for curing. Weeding, watering and cultivating. If we didn’t get them harvested last week we would have lost this tropical treat as we got our first frost on Thursday morning and then cool wet weather.

      Other crops have been delayed or damaged by adverse weather that occurred in early September through mid- October.  We are not the only farm impacted by the hot and humid weather. In fact most farms in the northeast are dealing with poor winter squash harvest and lack of broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale. Winter squash are difficult to grow in high humidity and brassicas prefer to grow in cool dry conditions. That’s why these crops are in short supply at farmers markets and grocery stores.

      The good news is that we are excited to provide you with an abundant pre-thanksgiving delivery for the final 2 weeks. We know that you may be overwhelmed with the amount you will be getting but most things will store nicely for 3 or more weeks! Let your family know that you are making the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes for the thanksgiving feast!

      We’re gearing up for winter shares! Don’t forget to sign up for winter shares – almost every CSA location has a winter share site. The deadline is Sunday Nov 25 (Sunday after Thanksgiving) and First pickup is Nov 29 (depending on site)! SIGN UP AT:

      These are some of the items that are likely to be in the December Winter share: Kale; Onions; Fingerling potatoes; Garlic; Squash; Radishes; 1 dozen eggs; Turnips; Broccoli raab, and more.

      We are excited to announce that we have a new “Refer a Friend” program for the winter/spring season!

    How it works:

    • If your friend completes a sign up, you’ll both receive $25 in credits.
    • The $25 credit can be used to purchase extra products.
    • To purchase extras, simply add them to your order at the same time you customize your farm share box.

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