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AnscheChesedCSA_logoCommunity-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership in which urban consumers receive fresh, organic vegetables while sustaining the livelihoods and stewardship of regional farmers. In a CSA, the farmer pre-sells shares; the money goes to the cost of growing, distributing, and paying the farmer a living wage.

Members of the Ansche Chesed CSA have the option of purchasing vegetable, fruit, egg and fresh flower shares from Garden of Eve — a certified organic farm on the east end of Long Island.  To further education and awareness of food issues, we also organize events and workshops for members throughout the season.

Garden of Eve has been partnering with the Ansche Chesed Synagogue for over 10 years to distribute local produce and build community in the Upper West Side. We were Garden of Eve’s first CSA and the very first Hazon-sponsored CSA in the country!

2019 Sign-Ups are OPEN!

Note that as we don’t have the option for boxes,
the customizable box is not an option for Ansche Chesed CSA members.
Please take a moment to learn about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
and to look at our farmer’s site to get info about the farm.

Share List
July 17th, 2019: B Week

Vegetable Share:
Mixed Zucchini and Summer Squash
Sweet Corn
Chinese Cabbage/Napa Cabbage

Fruit Share:
New York State Cherries
Organic Local Blueberries

Egg Share:
One dozen pastured eggs

Flower Share: 


Helpful Tips:
  • Swap Box: If there is a vegetable or fruit you just don’t want, drop it in the swap box and take something you would rather have. Do not take an extra share of something from the tables!
  • Pick up hours are 5:30-7:30 PM at Ansche Chesed. Please do not come early unless you are a volunteer. We need the time to set up signs and supplies. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Don’t forget to bring BAGS! We at Ansche Chesed CSA love our planet, and know you do too.

    Latest News from the Farm

    We are harvesting our garlic! All at once. It looks pretty nice. First it will be hung up to dry, and eventually given out in the share. If you were ever thinking of coming out to help out on the farm, this week is a good time, garlic harvesting takes a lot of hands!

    Did you know that when we harvest for the CSA, it takes our entire crew of 10 people an entire day just to get everything picked! The value of the share is now at least 15% above what is paid each week!

    Fennel – we know – love it or hate it – but I was a hater and now am a lover. So there is hope for you haters! Quarter it lengthwise and roast it in a covered cast iron pan with onions, it will caramelize and be delicious, no licorice flavor. Also you can grate it and cover with shaved parmesan and save yourself $15 at a restaurant. If this has not convinced you, put it in the “SWAP BOX” and grab something else that’s in there, hopefully.

    Upcoming Farm Events:
    Our “Kids Cook” program is starting this week on Thursday mornings, free for CSA members! And “little Farmers” on Saturday mornings. But pre-registration is required. You can do this online

    For Our Market Style CSA (“buffet-style” with veggies): A few things to remember!

    • We are not able to customize shares
    • Do not take anything out of your “store cart” because you won’t be able to put it back in
    • You can still purchase additional vegetables or items from the webstore, you just can’t “switch” veggies. You can pay using “credits” if you’ve held your share and not rescheduled it, or you can use a CC.
    • Personal share items are now in the same crates as the other shares, at our “market-style’ locations

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